July 29, 2023

Cincinnati 40 Over 40 Photos: Priya Klocek – Age 49

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Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos

In the heart of our ongoing “Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos” project, we celebrate outstanding women. They redefine what it means to be over 40. Today, we cast the spotlight on Priya Klocek. At 49, she is a beacon of confidence and inner beauty that transcends age.

Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos

About Priya

Meet Priya Klocek, a woman filled with passion and curiosity. She has always been a rebel at heart. As the President and CEO of Consultant On The Go LLC, she hails from India. As a young girl, she questioned societal norms and chose her path. This journey led her to the United States in 1993.

Over the years, she sought self-understanding and strived to comprehend others. Priya now empowers individuals and organizations with her life’s lessons. She encourages them to be their authentic selves. This approach is priceless in our fast-paced world. Without a doubt, Priya embodies the spirit of our “Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos” project.

Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos

Priya’s Experience with the Project

Entering our Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos studio, Priya was eager and prepared. Recently single after a 22-year marriage, she captured the essence of our project. It celebrates the timeless beauty of women over 40.

Her daughter was by her side during the shoot. This scenario reflected Priya’s devotion as a mother. Her calm and graceful demeanor perfectly complemented her confident resolve. Indeed, she was an absolute joy to work with.

Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos

The 40 over 40 Experience

Priya’s involvement with the Cincinnati 40 over 40 photos project confirmed her belief. She regards age as just a number. Our inner feelings define our beauty. Leaving a profound impression, Priya demonstrated that inner strength and self-love enhance our glow. We are therefore grateful to capture her radiance and share her achievements! To learn more about Priya, click here. If you’re a woman over 40 and interested in participating in this project, click here.

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