July 29, 2023

Amazing Women Over 40: Carrie Snyder, Age 49

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Amazing women over 40

Welcome! We’re celebrating amazing women over 40 in our 40 Over 40 portrait project. Today, we spotlight Carrie Snyder, 49. Carrie epitomizes the grace, inner beauty, and wisdom of women over 40.

Amazing women over 40

About Carrie

Carrie Snyder is a high school English teacher who carries an infectious passion for her work and her students. She is a woman of profound depth, empathy, and compassion, attributes that resonate through her teaching and interactions with her students. A lifelong struggle with self-confidence led her to this portrait project. Yet, despite her struggles, Carrie is a testament to the resilience and courage of amazing women over 40 who choose to face their insecurities and rise above them.

Amazing women over 40

Carrie’s Experience with the Project

Carrie stepped into our Cincinnati studio with an open heart and a readiness to immerse herself in the experience. She admits that the project offered a unique avenue for her to continue her journey of self-confidence. The fun and the glamour of the shoot was all she had imagined and more. As the shoot progressed, her comfort and confidence grew. This illustrates the transformative power of this experience for amazing women over 40.

Having the chance to meet and collaborate with Carrie was a joy. Her vibrant, positive energy became increasingly palpable as we spent more time together. Our photo sessions often unearth profound emotions, and Carrie’s shoot was no exception. It was charged with significant emotion, leaving a lasting impression not only on Carrie but the entire team as well. The experience left us all with a deep sense of gratification!

Amazing women over 40

The 40 Over 40 Experience: A Tribute to Amazing Women Over 40

The 40 Over 40 project isn’t merely a photoshoot. It’s a celebration of self-love and timeless beauty for women over 40. We’re proud to capture the radiant beauty of women like Carrie. To connect with Carrie, click here. If you’re an amazing woman over 40 ready to join the project, click here.

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