July 29, 2023

Empowering Women Over 40 Spotlight: Bonita Palmer – 57

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Bonita Palmer Empowering Women Over 40

Our 40 Over 40 Portrait Project is all about empowering women over 40, and Bonita Palmer, at age 57, is a prime example of just that! Radiating confidence, style, and grace, Bonita shows us all what it means to own your beauty at any age.

Bonita Palmer Empowering Women Over 40

About Bonita

Bonita Palmer is an experienced coach and leader who has spent over 15 years in corporate operations management, coupled with a 12-year tenure as a solopreneur. Her aim is to use her wealth of experience to assist small and medium-sized businesses in Southwest Ohio.

As a trusted business partner, Bonita helps these businesses develop a roadmap to success, which often results in transformational changes from hard work with less than desired profits, to building amazing teams and increasing profits.

Bonita Palmer Empowering Women Over 40

Bonita’s Experience with the Project

Bonita was very fun to work with, and we loved her from the moment she stepped into our Cincinnati studio! Prepared with a thoughtful selection of outfits, each complemented by a different pair of glasses, Bonita was ready to fully engage with the process.

The portrait session quickly transformed into an exercise of self-love and acceptance, a journey that Bonita hoped would also inspire her daughter. According to Bonita, her body has changed with age, and she wanted to love it as it is, showing her daughter that true beauty lies not in size or shape, but in the heart and soul.

Bonita Palmer Empowering Women Over 40

Empowering Women Over 40

Through our 40 Over 40 project, we aim to empower women like Bonita, showcasing that age is no barrier to beauty, confidence, and success. Our Empowering Women Over 40 initiative continues to redefine societal norms around aging, and Bonita’s transformative experience is yet another testament to this endeavor.

Bonita’s journey with the 40 Over 40 project has been a testament to the fact that confidence, beauty, and success are indeed intertwined. We are grateful that we got to share in this journey with her and create these timeless portraits.

Want to learn more about Bonita? Click here. And if you’re over 40 and interested in joining our portrait project, we still have spots available! Click here for more details.

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