July 22, 2023

40 Over 40 Project Spotlight- Dawn Begley, 44

A woman stands and poses for a portrait in a beautiful blue dress. Her hair is flowing and she is looking into the camera. The photograph is a part of the 40 over 40 project.

The 40 Over 40 Portrait Project, taking place in our Cincinnati studio, offers a unique platform where incredible women in their 40s and beyond redefine societal perceptions about age. We’re proud to highlight Dawn Begley, a radiant example of what being a part of this dynamic age demographic truly looks like – successful, confident, and beautiful.

W woman with brown hair wears a read top and leans against a white wall and poses for a portrait in the 40 over 40 project.

About Dawn

Dawn Begley is a dynamic professional in the biotechnology industry with over 20 years of experience. Her work, heavily focused on oncology, has seen her manage Phase I-IV studies, where her deep understanding of the drug development lifecycle and knowledge of FDA, and GCP/ICH guidelines are invaluable. Known for her problem-solving capabilities and leadership, Dawn’s meticulous approach has consistently ensured timely delivery of project goals.

A woman with brown hair reclines and poses for a photo as part of the 40 over 40 project.

Dawn’s Experience with the Project

Entering the project, Dawn was filled with anticipation. However, as the shoot got underway, her initial hesitation transformed into growing comfort and excitement. In no time, she felt like she had stepped into the shoes of a professional model. Dawn’s transformation was largely due to her being willing to trust the expertise of our team. Our number one goal is to make our clients comfortable which in turn bring out the very best expressions in the images. Ultimately, this created an atmosphere of excitement, enjoyment, and professionalism, making the entire experience unforgettable for Dawn.

From start to finish, the journey, she says, was “filled with laughter, joy, and left a lasting impression.” Our team’s meticulous attention to detail gave her a polished, confident look, elevating her self-assuredness, and ultimately leading her to express, “I felt empowered, ready to showcase the best version of myself.”

The 40 over 40 Experience

Dawn’s journey is a perfect illustration of how this project spotlights the intertwining of confidence, beauty, and success. Therefore we are grateful to have captured her radiance and showcase her accomplishments! To learn more about Dawn Begley and her inspiring journey, click here. Additionally If you’re interested in participating in this project and experiencing this transformation for yourself, click here to learn more.

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