March 6, 2023

40 Over 40 Project Spotlight- Melanie Booher, 44

As women age, society often tells them that they become less valuable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, and Melanie is a perfect example of why. Melanie is a 44-year-old professional woman who exudes confidence and beauty and we are extremely happy that she signed up to participate in the 40 over 40 portrait project!

A woman in a blue jacket and white shirt poses for a portrait in front of a blue backdrop. The purpose of the photo is for the 40 over 40 portrait project.

About Melanie

Melanie is the President of PEOPLEfirst Talent & Retention Consulting, where she specializes in improving workplace culture, recruitment, and communication. Melanie strongly believes that a positive and intentional work environment leads to improved morale, performance, retention, and ultimately profitability. Despite being a busy mom and business leader running two companies, Melanie still makes time to give back to her community. Her passion for helping women find their voice and make a difference in the world is evident in her work. Additionally, Melanie is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, speaker, hybrid publisher, and Cards for Culture Game Creator.

Melanie’s Experience with the Project

We were so excited to have Melanie, a self-proclaimed tom-boy, participated in a photoshoot for the 40 over 40 project! Initially hesitant, she felt more at ease as she arrived on set and met our team of professionals that would be working on her hair and makeup. Our first priority was to make her feel comfortable, so that she could relax and enjoy the experience.

As she posed for the camera, Melanie felt empowered and proud to showcase her success as a professional woman. Furthermore the project allowed her to embrace her age and unique beauty, which had a positive impact on her self-confidence. She hopes that her participation in the project will inspire other women to feel proud of their age and achievements.

A woman reclines a looks off in the distance. She wears a black dress and a necklace. The purpose of the photo is for the 40 over 40 portrait project.

The 40 over 40 Experience

Melanie perfectly exemplifies how confidence, beauty, and success go hand in hand. We are therefore grateful for the opportunity to capture her radiance and showcase her accomplishments! To learn more about Melanie, click here. If you are interested in participating in this project, click here to learn more.

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