July 17, 2019

Be Gorgeously You..Define Your Personal Brand Style!

Women-led personal brands are currently on the rise, and for good reason. Women have a lot to offer when it comes to branding, and they are some of the most effective communicators in the world. That’s why it’s so important for women to start leading their own personal brands. When women take control of their own brands, they’re able to communicate their unique message in a way that resonates with others. And that’s sure to lead to success both professionally and personally. We recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Trina Wilson, Brand Stylist and owner of  “Raychell Fitzpatrick Style Agency” on phase one of her Business Woman Photoshoot. Trust me when I say, she is a force to be reckoned with!

What Trina is all About

Trina creates custom wardrobes for women and men, and she prides herself in her ability to understand who her clients are, what their brands are all about. What you do day to day, defines your signature look and sets you apart.Trina helps align who you are on the inside with what the world sees on the outside. You are your brand; like it or not. Your image and style are INCREDIBLY important. Simply put, Trina creates brand style and a strong professional image that speaks volumes about who you are.

Define Your Personal Brand…Embrace Your Gorgeousness!

We are absolutely in love with Trina’s brand and her “Why” with respects to her business. To quote Trina, her mission is, “To encourage women to embrace their gorgeousness and fall in love with themselves through my passion to serve her.”

Trina’s personal brand is centered on the idea that women are gorgeous and they should celebrate their beauty. Too often, women are hard on themselves and don’t appreciate how amazing they are. Trina believes that women should all fall in love with themselves and embrace their uniqueness, because they are worth it!

None of this awesomeness comes as a surprise because from the moment I was introduced to Trina I could tell that she was someone that I had to work with! First off, her sense of style is simply a breath of fresh air! She also has a strong fashion background with two plus decades in the beauty industry. That, and the fact that her current path involves helping and empowering women, made our brands a perfect match! Since we worked together on her photoshoot, Trina has also been instrumental in helping her her own clients as well as ours select branding photo outfits for their personal branding photoshoots. We are looking forward to many future collaborative works with Trina and her amazing brand in the near future!

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