January 22, 2022

3 Reasons You Definitely Need a Professional Headshot in 2022

Why are professional headshot photos so important?

There are definitely more that 3 reasons for getting a great headshot in 2022, however we’re going to focus on 3 of the most important! In the business world you see almost everyone with a professional headshot. These small or large images can be seen in multiple applications from social media profile photos to email signatures. But have you ever asked yourself why professional headshots are so important? There are a lot of people searching for professional headshots everyday. In fact, our studio can attribute roughly 40% of our revenue from headshot photo shoots. So clearly headshots are important to our business. The question is how can a solid headshot help with your business? In this blog post we’ll consider 3 reasons as to why any old headshot just won’t do in 2022. 

  1. Your Online Presence has Never Been More Important

Let’s face it, the Covid 19 pandemic has affected how we do business now, and will most certainly affect how we continue to do business in the future. Research conducted by the ODM group reveals that 74% of people use social media and online research to inform their purchasing decisions. Regardless of the kind of business you conduct, it will benefit you greatly to have an online presence that captures the attention on those that you seek to work with. A good headshot can say a lot about who you are before a potential client even meets you. 

2.    A Solid Professional Headshot is Great for Networking

We’ve all heard of the phrase, “Your network is your net worth”. Well one thing is for sure, networking is an important component to short, and long term growth.How do headshots factor in? Well, an up to date, well lit, properly executed headshot can help people remember you the next time you meet in person. I’ve attended several networking functions over the last 5 years or so. People tell me all the time that they will meet a someone, get handed a business card and it looks nothing like the person they just met! Keeping your professional headshot up to date allows networking partners to put a “current” face with a name. 

3.   Rise Above Competitors

If you work in a field that is highly competitive you know how important it can be to get an edge when you can. Perhaps you’re a Realtor, Life Coach, or maybe an Attorney. In the millisecond that it takes a person to form an opinion about you when they find you online, you need to be set apart from others in your field. A well crafted  professional headshot can accomplish that. 

Extra Tips: 

  • Hire a Professional – Never underestimate the power of expertly guided posing and professional lighting
  • You may know of someone else that “takes good pictures”….say a Real Estate Photographer for instance. Even so it’s best to look for someone great at working with people. 
  • When you find your headshot photographer, share a “mood board” or collection of headshot images that you’re drawn to. This will ensure that you achieve the exact look that will represent you and your brand.

Need new headshots for your company or yourself? Check out our business headshots information page to see client testimonials and our headshot samples. 

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