October 6, 2023

Terri Williams Shines in Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project

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Terri Williams shines and she’s our spotlight client for this edition of our blog. Terri is a remarkable woman who is taking center stage in Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project. A Senior Vice President at First Financial Bank and an emerging entrepreneur with her business Tactical Women, Terri is the epitome of resilience, wisdom, and grace that our project seeks to celebrate.

Terri Williams in the 40 over 40 Project: A Profile in Resilience

Terri Williams defies norms about age and capability. She has weathered severe health challenges and come out stronger. Her resilience aligns perfectly with Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project. For us, she is more than a subject; she’s a testament to survival. Terri embraces her life experience, showing it through each wrinkle, which she calls “war stories.”

The Art of Business Portraits in Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project

We at Janel Lee Photography go beyond clicking pictures. We aim to create business portraits that tell a story. In Terri’s session, it wasn’t just a headshot. We explored her roles in banking and her new business, Tactical Women. This depth sets the 40 over 40 Project apart. It’s about spotlighting multifaceted women like Terri.

What Makes the 40 over 40 Project Special?

Terri Williams shines

The 40 over 40 Project in Cincinnati isn’t a mere assembly line of photo shoots; it’s a transformative experience. Terri Williams felt it too. Coming into the studio, her emotions oscillated between anxiety and excitement. But as she changed outfits and struck poses, her own words were, “I felt very sexy, I felt very comfortable.” This is the essence of our project. It’s not just about photography; it’s about instilling a newfound confidence in women over 40, making them realize that they are in the prime of their life and deserve to be celebrated.

Beyond Pictures: Telling Stories in the 40 over 40 Project

Terri Williams shines

Terri’s photos are not merely a series of well-taken shots. They are chronicles of a lifetime dedicated to breaking barriers and rewriting the rules. It’s a visual tale that serves as a voice for all that she stands for. At Janel Lee Photography, we don’t just shoot headshots; we encapsulate stories that resonate with the purpose of Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project. When you look at Terri’s portraits, you’ll find that it’s more than just art; it’s a narrative.

We are beyond excited to feature Terri Williams and her inspiring story as part of Cincinnati’s 40 over 40 Project. To discover more about this incredible woman, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about the transformative experience of the 40 over 40 Project, click here.

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