October 4, 2023

Visionary Chris DeArmitt’s Branding Journey

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Visionary Chris DeArmitt's Branding

Chris DeArmitt, a world-renowned plastic materials consultant, has carved a niche in solving complex issues for Fortune 100 companies. Beyond the lab, Chris shines as a keynote speaker, elucidating the environmental facets of plastic materials. Chris DeArmitt’s Branding Journey has been quite enjoyable. This post unfolds this journey and how Janel Lee Photography, stationed in Cincinnati, empowers speakers like Chris through professional headshots and personal branding photography.

Chris DeArmitt: A Synonym for Expertise

Visionary Chris DeArmitt's Branding

Chris’s expertise in plastic materials science has crowned him as an indispensable consultant and an independent environmental sage. His altruistic venture of over 3000 unpaid research hours reflects a deep-rooted commitment to unmasking environmental misconceptions surrounding plastics, generously shared through his publications and online platforms.

Chris on Stage: A Resonating Voice

On the large stage, Chris’s voice resonates with a blend of authority and insight, tackling environmental fallacies surrounding plastics. His knack for simplifying complex narratives makes him a coveted speaker, eloquently addressing the environmental discourse tied to plastic materials.

Where Imagery Meets Eloquence: Our Studio

Visionary Chris DeArmitt's Branding

Our Cincinnati-based studio is a confluence of vision and imagery. At Janel Lee Photography, we craft a visual narrative through headshots and personal branding sessions, encapsulating the essence of public speakers, aiding them to strike a chord with their audience even before they step onto the large stage.

Chris’s Session: A Dynamic Captivation

Visionary Chris DeArmitt's Branding

Creating visionary Chris DeArmitt’s branding images was a voyage of discovery. The fusion of his profound insights combined with specific storytelling elements birthed headshots that transcend mere photos. They are a portrayal of Chris’s visionary stance in his field and his magnetic aura as a public speaker.

Winning Collaboration

Visionary Chris DeArmitt's Branding

The enriching opportunity to work with Chris DeArmitt underscored our mission at Janel Lee Photography: to create imagery that truly encapsulates the essence of public speakers. To delve further into Chris’s innovative world, click here. For those interested in articulating their own narrative through a Personal Branding session, click here. Our team is here to help you make a compelling visual statement.

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