August 22, 2023

Cincinnati’s Favorite Photography Team

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Cincinnati's Favorite Photography Team

Welcome to the world of Cincinnati’s favorite photography team at Janel Lee Photography Studios! Here, photography isn’t just about snapping pictures; it’s about creating an experience and forging relationships. Clients become our team members, participating in every step of the process. This collaborative approach has shaped our reputation and made us a favorite in Cincinnati. Join us as we unravel what makes us unique.

Teamwork and Collaboration: The Heartbeat of Cincinnati’s Favorite Photography Team

Cincinnati's Favorite Photography Team

At Janel Lee Photography, teamwork goes beyond our internal staff. It encompasses our clients, who play an instrumental role in how their images will look in the end. The team consists of:

  1. Leon McDonald: Studio Owner and Lead Photographer.
  2. Tristin McDonald: Creative and Administrative Support.
  3. Sarah Lockwood: Hair and Makeup Artist.

However, it’s not just about us; it’s about you, our clients, our extended team. We thrive on feedback, ideas, and shared visions. Together, we create memories.

Behind the Scenes: A Photo Session with Cincinnati’s Favorite Photography Team

Cincinnati's Favorite Photography Team

Ever wondered what a session with Cincinnati’s favorite photography team looks like? Here’s an exclusive peek:

  1. Initial Meet-up: Collaboration starts from day one. We sit with you to understand your needs, including styling, dress selection, and your overall vision.
  2. Hair and Makeup Pampering: Our hair and makeup artist ensures you look your best and feel pampered. We pay attention to every detail.
  3. The Photoshoot: We ensure a relaxed and enjoyable photo session. Your ideas blend with our expertise to create pictures that resonate with your personality.
  4. Post-Shoot Collaboration: The teamwork continues even after the camera stops clicking. Your input in selecting and editing the pictures is vital to us.
Cincinnati's Favorite Photography Team Hair and makeup being applied

Expert Advice From the Team

Our reputation as a town favorite isn’t by chance. It comes from years of experience, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. Embrace the Experience: A photoshoot is a journey, not a task. Enjoy every step, from outfit selection to hair styling.
  2. Trust the Process: Have faith in the team’s expertise but also speak your mind. Collaboration thrives on trust and open communication.
  3. Cherish the Outcome: The final pictures aren’t just images; they are treasures, shaped by your input and our craftsmanship.

Join Cincinnati’s Favorite Photography Team for Your Next Session

At Janel Lee Photography we believe in collaboration, teamwork, and client-centric approach. From styling to hair and makeup pampering, from the first click to the final print, we make you an integral part of our creative process. We don’t just create pictures; we craft memories, ensuring each photo session is a delightful experience.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable photographic journey with Cincinnati’s favorite photography team? Your next picture-perfect memory is just a call away. Visit our website at and be part of our extended team.

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