May 28, 2022

The 40 over 40 Portrait Project Spotlight- Michelle Class, 50

Blonde woman with blue eyes wearing a white sweater looks to the side as she smiles while sitting with her arm up and on her chin for a Personal Branding portrait

Strategic B2B Marketing Consultant

Michelle saw the 40 over 40 Portrait Project as an opportunity to experience a bit of pampering for a day. Since Michelle is a business owner, she also wanted to capture some Personal Branding, or business portraits that could represent her thriving consultancy business.

Tell us about Michelle the professional

Marketing with Class is a Greater Cincinnati, Ohio / Northern Kentucky consulting firm founded in 2010. Michelle’s company focuses on assisting small to medium-sized companies successfully build strategic marketing plans and implementing their digital marketing initiatives.

“The most exciting part about what I do is working with different clients on different activities every single day. There’s no day that’s exactly the same. One day I could be working on a website and developing it from scratch. Another day, I could just be adding something new to a client’s website, developing a social media plan, or a full fledged strategic marketing plan.”

What drew you to the 40 over 40 portrait project?

“Several months ago, a friend of mine participated in a project like this. So once I sat down with her, and she told me more about it, I decided that it was time for me to actually have a professional photography session. I’ve never done it in my entire life. It’s something that I feel is going to make me feel good. The fact that I just hit 50 years old, means that it’s way past time to do this for myself.

I feel that an experience like this can help to building you up, knowing that self esteem is definitely part of what makes a woman beautiful. Doing a project where somebody else is making you beautiful, and it’s what they think is going to make you look the best, is definitely a one of the many reasons that an individual should do a project like this. My confidence is already at a high point and I’m looking forward to having even more fun throughout the process. I also know that the photos that are going to come out of this session are going to be ones that I’m going to love for a long time.”

The Photographer’s Perspective

We really enjoyed working with Michelle on the 40 over 40 Portrait Project! We had a lot of laughing moments during the shoot, which always helps to loosen things up!

One of the things we loved most about working with Michelle was the fact that she was willing to try a few different looks that were a bit out of her comfort zone. This flexibility gave us the opportunity to show a slightly different shade of Michelle’s personality, and the results were fabulous!

Click here to get more information on the 40 over 40 project.

If you would like to know more about Michelle, please visit her website. You can also find her on Linkedin.

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